Sandy Spring Precious Water~ Medicine Wheel

At Sandy Spring Museum, Sandy Spring, Maryland

Earth Energy HEaling medicine Wheel as taughtto me by Bennie Lebeau Rainbow Thunder HEart
Medicine Whhel at Artina Exhibit Washington Sculptors Group

This medicine wheel is to heal the spring,  heal the land of displacement, genocide and slavery. Its to bring back the living waters to our land. To honor and pay tribute honor the Native American ancestors and Escaped Slaves ancestors, Quaker ancestors; and others who had relationship and sustenance from this spring.

The medicine wheel is an ancient technology that works with the Earth energies. By adding our intention and love into this wheel of stones we can help clear unwanted energies and help restore balance.

In Native American and other ancient traditions worldwide, the stones have been known as the old grandfathers/grandmothers who record and remember everything that has happened in the land. This is one reason why change is so hard to come by. The violence, fear, shame, sorrow etc. is a program that keeps replaying in the land. The silicon in the stones is the same silicon that lets our computers store information. The medicine wheel is a help desk of sorts.

Springs have long been ancient sacred sites. Not only did they sustain people with fresh clean water; springs represent the water coming from the womb of Mother Earth. The water that gives life and heals. The town and spring of Sandy Spring is the location of ancient and Native Americana, and Underground Railroad hiding places of slaves in Quaker homes. Not to mention the Civil War and other war affected people and soldiers coming trhough. Also was a place of slaves tending tobacco plantations.

Around the time of the Underground Railroad and Civil War was the mass displacement and genocide of our native peoples. The springs began to be tapped up, hidden, destroyed or covered over. The elimination of free source of water to indigenous populations and escaped slaves was a military strategy that was used to control and root out people who were desiring freedom and life on the land. Water is life. This is an age old tactic and nobody wonders what happened to all of the springs. Silver Spring, Spring Field, Sandy Spring and all of the towns and streets that talk honor the springs.

Historical texts repeat the official statistics that there were only 4,000 to 7,000 native population in Maryland, that can not be true. The story is that there were a few nomadic people here before the British came. However, there are thousand and thousands of arrowheads and other artifacts in almost every corner of Maryland. There is much evidence of farming and other non-nomadic cultures. Lord Blair who was Andrew Jackson’s private journalist was the one writing the record. Andrew Jackson is the one who masterminded indigenous depopulation. Control of information is another age old stategy for domination. Many of Jacksons papers were lost. Lord Blairs daughters were credited with ‘discovering’ the Silver Spring. So you see, the history is hidden.

The Precious Water ceremonies for healing the Sandy Spring and and other incidents are an action to help bring back freedom and peace to all peoples. It is a very important location that holds so much of our local history.

Process and Ceremonies

Sandy Spring in Sandy Spring. MD
Sandy Spring

Each day before collecting the stones or constructing the medicine wheel we went the spring and did ceremony. We sang, made music, honored the ancestors who had been on the land, cleared energy, listened to what the land was saying, watched dogs come in for their daily drink and did prayers. We also cleaned some of the debris and silt from the spring area. We spent time relaxing in appreciation of the beauty of this place.

The spring is not quite functional as drinking water at this point. We hope for the restoration of the spring one day, along with restored harmony and balance in the our area.

Spring healing ceremonies and medicine wheel ceremonies are part of this project. More to come.

Eve Hennessa Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sandy Spring Museum~Washington Sculptors Group
Eve Hennessa Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sandy Spring Museum~Washington Sculptors Group


Medicine wheel crew: Eve Hennessa, Bobbie Smith, Susie Ezrol and Harry. Lopez

Much of my knowledge about medicine wheels and ceremonies comes from indigenous elders. Especially Eastern Shoshone-Bavado aka Bennie Lebeau. Rainbow Thunder Heart, Bavado of Earth Wisdom Foundation. who left this Earth body on June 12, 2016.







*************************************proposed exhibit*****

Eve Hennessa

Time Crystals

The exhibit includes both painting, sculpture and optional performance. 

“A space-time crystal or four-dimensional crystal is a theoretical structure periodic in time and space. It extends the idea of a crystal to four dimensions. The idea was proposed by Frank Wilczek in 2012.”

The show investigates and expresses a preoccupation with the intersection of Earth, time, space and thought. These art works creation ponders both cutting edge Science and esoteric philosophies. Along with painting, the exhibition works with Earth elements in the form of stones and sticks etc.

Exhibit explores the earthiness of stone and snake, and the purely conceptual systems of time crystals, black holes, vibrating strings and more.

A sculpture called “Quantum Computer” is (theoretically) a computer that uses thought and time crystals for information gathering and affecting matter. It has an ancient stone tool as the computer mouse. The concept is that we use our minds in conjunction with the silica in the stone to work the computer.  If we can create mind maps and tap into black holes, we can generate new time crystals or use existing time crystals.

What is the origin of matter? How can we use thought in new ways to create matter? What is a black hole? Last year NASA found something  coming out of one. Could the gravity concentration actually create a time crystal? What is is role played by the observer as in Heisenberg’s Principal. Can silicon be worked with the mind.

*The oil paintings express the nature of black holes as a creation source and wave energy. Snakes represent the waves and particles; DNA and wave matter. Flowers or other forms also represent these ideas.

*The painting that acts as the computer screen will be 5 times larger than the one in the photo. It will be 52″ square. 

*Another sculpture that involves a stone river structure. The  winding river is snake or wave energy. There is baby in a canoe.(like the other work shown in the JPEG. ) The river signifies moving through space and time. Traditionally,  the canoe represents death or the wormhole in physics. There are snake sculpture as seen in the Jpeg if space permits. 

*Some few pieces that are works on paper, the rest are oils. The paintings all deal with this snake, wormhole, energy wave forms and the vibrating string theory & black hole concepts. 

*Proposed  is a stone circle that explores its possibility as a technological device. Does this Native American, (and even more ancient) technology that creates a time space crystal? By creating a multidimensional torus tube vortex with a possible black hole in the center. This is what I was taught by a Native American Elder.  Some new science speculates that black holes are a back door to the Universe and a  time space 4 dimensional geometric crystal.

It all depends on the space available and what looks good in the space and curatorial decisions.



Painting/Sculpture/Performance/LivePainting/Dance/Ceramics/Conceptual and Whatnot