Bad Break-Up Ceremony; alchemical transmutation with ceramic bowl 

I did a process piece using this bowl as an actual alchemical vessel with which, through ceremony, I transmuted base energies surrounding a traumatic break-up into strength, wisdom and love. I put the vessel into the ground under a tree in Rock Creek Park, and left it there for 2 weeks. The Earth is an energy balancer. Her magnetic forces and ionic activity bring balance; the darkness and silence bring rest and renewed outlook. There was a death, burial and resurrection.

After digging it out, I washed it in the cleansing & healing waters of the creek. I made a fire and put the vessel on it. I spoke all of my regrets, sadness, anger, humiliation, slander, gossips and put everything unwanted into the bowl and watched it burn. The fire burned and broke the vessel. {In the video notice that when I said ‘break up’ the bowl broke in two and looked like 2 moon faces.} I was not making art, but healing my heart. Serendipitously, someone came and started to drum. I did a dance and it was finished. I felt this whole heart breaking ordeal was removed from my body, replaced by peace and strength. The video of the ceremony is as much of the piece as the vessel.AlchemicalVesselHennessa2014


Surveillance Footage, Rock Creek Park, Washington,DC



Live Painting at “Art All Night”

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