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Sandy Spring Artina Proposal Eve Hennessa

The sculpture “Precious Water” is not made yet. It will be like the colored digital image, except more natural with lots more curves and ripples. It will look like a Stream

The sculpture “Color Circle” will be painted rocks in a larger more elaborate scale than the small “fire vigil” rocks photo shown. It will be an 8 spoke medicine wheel like the photo in the forest; painted.

The ceremony & Workshop

Sandy Spring is a special place where Quakers once housed escaped slaves as a part of the Underground Railroad. As the local place of a significant spring in ancient times for the Native populations it is a special area.

Springs have always been central and usually sacred places world wide. Symbolically, now they are the last place of pure water and represent freedom, life and purity. One aspect of my work is to bring attention to the clean fresh free spring water that people used to populate around {& bring them back}.

Medicine Wheel ceremonies as taught to be by Shoshone elder Benny LeBeau are for healing the land. The silica(memory) in the stones and other elements radiate thoughts and prayers out into the land and cosmos. I have been doing this type of ceremony for 3 years locally.. The main things that always come up are healing for Native American genocide, effects of slavery and the blood bath of brother against brother that was the Civil War.

This ceremony is a Water Ceremony and we will have water from Sandy Spring and West African spring water. Native American, African American, Quaker, Civil War descendants and other representatives will be part of the ceremony. The purpose is to clear that sadness, anger, hatred and injustice from the land and add song and blessing for healing, peace, welcoming, understanding and community.

I would like to do a workshop that would be a similar ceremony except held at the Spring.. With teaching about how to do water ceremony and the importance of springs.. For 1 hour

I am talking to nature conservators to find out how to restore the original form of the spring. I believe it was modified at least twice. The last time,  the boy scouts built a shelter to protect it, resulted in a muddy spring years later.

The Sandy Spring

Sandy Spring in Sandy Spring. MD


Upcoming Exhibits

I have small gatherings and studio visits. Email me if you are interested


“Sculpture REMIX 2017: Craft/Technology/”

Art Opening Reception

Saturday,       April 8  ,6 PM8 PM EDT

Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture

7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, Maryland 20812
This Summer”Carte Blanche” by Adah Rose


in  May, Salisbury Museum curated by Jayme McClellan of Civilian Arts  Projects


Cheryl Edwards Studio Gallery Sept 16

Sandy Spring Precious Water~Medicine Wheel

Eve Hennessa Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sandy Spring Museum~Washington Sculptors Group
Eve Hennessa Medicine Wheel Ceremony Sandy Spring Museum~Washington Sculptors Group Artina Exhibit
Earth Energy HEaling medicine Wheel as taughtto me by Bennie Lebeau Rainbow Thunder HEart
Medicine Whhel at Artina Exhibit Washington Sculptors Group
Sandy Spring in Sandy Spring. MD
Sandy Spring

Sandy Spring Precious Water~ Medicine Wheel

By sculptor Eve Hennessa

The medicine wheel is an ancient technology that works with the Earth energies. By adding our intention and love into this wheel of stones we can help clear unwanted energies and help restore balance.

In Native American and other ancient traditions worldwide, the stones have been known as the old grandfathers/grandmothers who record and remember everything that has happened in the land. This is one reason why change is so hard to come by. The violence, fear, shame and sorrow is a program that keeps replaying in the land. The silicon in the stones is the same element that works our computer technology to store information. The medicine wheel is a help desk of sorts.

Springs have long been ancient sacred sites. Not only did they sustain people with fresh clean water; springs represent the water coming from the womb of Mother Earth. The water that gives life and heals. The town and spring of Sandy Spring is the location of ancient and Native American Spring, Hiding Places in Quaker homes of the Underground Railroad.

Around the time of the civil war was the mass displacement and genocide of our native peoples. The springs began to be tapped up, hidden, destroyed or covered over. The elimination of free source of water to indigenous populations and escaped slaves was a military strategy that was used to control and root out people who were desiring freedom and life on the land. Water is life.

Historical texts repeat the official statistics that there were only 4,000 to 7,000 native population in Maryland, that can not be true. The story is that there were a few nomadic people here before the British came. However, there are thousand and thousands of arrowheads and other artifacts in almost every corner of Maryland. There is much evidence of farming and other non-nomadic cultures. Lord Blair who was Andrew Jackson’s private journalist is the one writing the record. Andrew Jackson is the one who masterminded indigenous depopulation. Many of Jacksons papers were lost. Lord Blairs daughters were credited with ‘discovering’ the Silver Spring. So you see, the history is hidden.

The ceremonies for healing the Sandy Spring and and other incidents are an action to help bring back freedom and peace to all peoples. It is a very important location that holds so much of our local history. Quakers came here in the early 1700’s looking for freedom to worship and a place to farm.

Process and Ceremonies

Each day before collecting the stones or constructing the medicine wheel we went the spring and did ceremony. We sang, made music, cleared energy, listening to what the land was saying, watched dogs come in for their daily drink and did prayers. We also cleaned some of the debris and silt from the spring area. We spent time relaxing in appreciation of the beauty of this place.

The spring is not quite functional as drinking water at this point. We hope for the restoration of the spring one day, along with restored harmony and balance in the our area.

Spring healing ceremonies and medicine wheel ceremonies are part of this project. More to come.


Medicine wheel crew: Eve Hennessa, Bobbie Smith, Susie Ezrol and Harry. Lopez

Photo Credit: Ann Stoddard

Much of my knowledge about medicine wheels and ceremonies comes from indigenous elders. Especially Eastern Shoshone-Bennie Lebeau. Rainbow Thunder Heart, Bavado of Earth Wisdom Foundation. who left this Earth on June 12, 2016.

Smaller Pieces

HennessaWatercolorFlatfile, "Pua"17x11.2013

Watercolor & Ink on Arches Paper

HennessaWatercolor12.5x20Flatfile "Winterview"

Watercolor & Ink on Arches Paper


Pua~ Watercolor & Arches on Paper


Winter Garden




Snake Eve Hennessa Work on Paper
Snake Eve Hennessa Work on Paper

15 x 20

Snake Painting

Painting/Sculpture/Performance/LivePainting/Dance/Ceramics/Conceptual and Whatnot